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An erogenous zone is an area of the human body that has heightened sensitivity, the stimulation of which may generate a sexual response, such as relaxation, the production of sexual fantasies, sexual arousal and orgasm. Erogenous zones are located all over the human body, but the sensitivity of ... The rete ridges of the epithelium are well-formed and more of the nerves are ...


Most people, guys and girls, are very ticklish on the feet, sides, armpits, inner thighs and neck - I know that I am! I would say that guys tend to try ...


Jun 16, 2010 ... rnSome parts of the body are more ticklish than the others, the reason for which is still unknown. ... But a few studies suggest that, men may be slightly more ticklish than women. ... And I find it weird that girls are less ticklish than guys. ... I've found tickling the soles and toes gets the cutest girly squeaks and ...


Most people in general are, gender not being the factor. I myself , am not. ... Are your feet ticklish? Why do guys like girls that are ticklish? ... daughters and my feet are ticklish. So are their dads though; and his are much more ticklish than mine.


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Girls are more ticklish because their nerves are most sensitive.you cant say that ... are slightly more ticklish...they just have a harder time admiting it than girls. ... But if you want to tickle a girl, go for her sides/ribs first or legs/feet to get a reaction.


Sep 2, 2014 ... His butt cheeks are ticklish, which really seems like a serious strategic error on his part. ... If you were ticklish from the bottom of your feet to your butt and ... and lamentation and some people who are more ticklish than others.


Feb 16, 2014 ... Following this logic, it is then possible that the laughing reaction you get .... I have a theory that people with more anxiety are more ticklish - which is .... The soles of her feet are out of control ticklish, and she could last maybe a ...

Jan 30, 2014 ... To kick off #AskHeadSqueeze Thursdays, Greg Foot is answering a great question from YouTuber James ... why are the feet the most ticklish..


Jul 14, 2004 ... E-mail your questions to r.matthews@physics.org. ... Is it true that the right foot is more ticklish than the left? ... and pushed back the frontiers of knowledge still further by showing that males were more ticklish than females.