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The Declaration of Independence is the statement adopted by the Second Continental ..... While political maneuvering was setting the stage for an official declaration of independence, a document was...

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Aug 28, 2009 ... The Declaration of Independence was written in order to clarify and justify the actions of The Second Continental Congress, which was to ...

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The Declaration of Independence was written to justify the American colonies' break from Great Britain and to make it easier to gain international support from ...

Why was the Declaration of Independence written? - Instant Answer


Jun 10, 2015 ... The reason why the declaration of independence was written was to justify and clarify the Second Continental Congress actions, which was the ...

The main purpose of America's Declaration of Independence was to ...


The main purpose of America's Declaration of Independence was to explain to ... 1.) Why was the Declaration of Independence written? A. For the colonists.

The Declaration of Independence and Its Legacy [ushistory.org]


The Declaration of Independence and Its Legacy. ... and fireworks to some today, what did the Declaration mean when it was written in the summer of 1776?

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July 4, 1776, is called Independence Day in America. It is the day that the American colonies declared their independence through an important...

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Welcome to ushistory.org's Declaration of Independence website. ... upside-down is simply written: "Original Declaration of Independence / dated 4th July 1776.

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The Declaration of Independence, written by Thomas Jefferson and adopted by the Second Continental Congress, states the reasons the British colonies of ...

Why did Jefferson draft the Declaration of Independence?


Apr 13, 2015 ... The preamble to the Declaration of Independence contains the entire .... The Virginia Declaration of Rights of 1776, written by George Mason, ...

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Find out more about the history of Writing of Declaration of Independence, including videos, interesting articles, pictures, historical features and more. Get all the ...

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But he was known for his writing skills. The committee of five men picked Jefferson to write the declaration proclaiming the independence of the colonies.

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John Adams describes the writing of the Declaration of Independence.