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The leaf blowersmall engine often has a separate model number. Use the ... Most Frequent Causes for Leaf blower won't start ... Where is my model number?

Aug 18, 2011 ... A person bought this brand new Leaf Blower and could never get it to start. ... I've done all this to my McCullough leaf blower but still won't start.


The leaf blower engine needs gas, compression and spark to start. If your leaf flower is not starting, first, make sure there's fresh gas in the tank—old gas ...


Fall's here and the leaves have started falling, you've broke out the leaf blower, but if fails to start: now what? Let's take a closer look into the reasons that prevent  ...


When a small engine won't start, the usual suspects are bad gasoline, ... save lots of money but also skip the hassle of hauling your lawn mower, snow blower, ...


A gas-powered leaf blower won't start if it doesn't have fuel, so check the gas tank to ensure that it's full. If the tank is full and there's a strong odor of gas, the ...


I got this gas leaf blower used cheap and tried to fix it. I would've ... I won't put anymore $$$$ into it as it's not worth it. It's not that good of a unit. :) However, I did invest some so I hate getting nothing out of my investment to date.


Gas blowers have engines, and sometimes engines won't start. Check for these issues to get your gas powered blower going again. 1. Primer bulb wasn't ...


It won't idle at all unless I move the choke to half, and that's even after adjusting the idle ... If the carb on this unit were tweaked better to allow for easier starts under all .... My new Murray M7900 leaf blower that I bought at Walmart has approx.


Feb 23, 2010 ... Check that there's fuel in the tank if the two-cycle leaf blower won't start. Fill it if there isn't any. Drain the fuel system if you suspect the fuel mix ...