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It uses your highest 78 consecutive pay periods of Basic ... earliest age at which a FERS employee can collect ...


Learn how to calculate FERS Retirement Pension. ... How do you calculate this amount? ... For a rough estimate, you can just use your SCD as a place to start.


In addition, FERS disability retirement benefits are recomputed after the first twelve ... using an amount that essentially represents the annuity you would have  ...


Federal Employees Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) calculator. Determine the face ... Evaluate how the life insurance carried into retirement will change over time.


Apr 8, 2015 ... As a regular FERS employee, you can retire on an immediate unreduced annuity with one of ... In either case, your annuity would be calculated using the following formula: ... Do you get your contribution back in a lump sum?


Jul 16, 2015 ... Some employees also can use the online Employee Benefits Information ... income will be replaced by the CSRS or FERS retirement benefit.


Federal employee retirement benefits for CSRS and FERS systems. ... ago that also permits FERS employees to use their accumulated sick leave towards retirement. ... How to Determine if a surviving spouse will continue to receive an annuity.


Feb 27, 2011 ... How much will you receive in retirement income when you retire? ... To use this chart, select the high-three and years service closest to what you expect you will have when ... (See Future Retirees: Do You Know Your MRA?)


FedCalc.com retirement calculators make it simple for individuals, ... CSRS and FERS retirement annuities and project how long your retirement savings will last.


The three years of service used for the high-three average salary calculation ... Salary can include various types of pay for which retirement deductions are withheld: ... *360 day factor chart available from OPM's CSRS and FERS retirement ...