Stop Staples! | APWU

The APWU is fighting to stop a shady deal between the USPS and Staples, which jeopardizes mail service and local post offices – along with thousands of ...

California teachers' union votes to boycott Staples | Workers World

May 3, 2014 ... Sacramento, Calif. – The Executive Council of the California Federation of Teachers (CFT), representing 120,000 educational employees from ...

Stamps prompt teachers to boycott office-supply store -

Sep 1, 2014 ... Stamps prompt teachers to boycott office-supply store ... The AFT claims the Staples stamp-selling will jeopardize 80,000 postal workers' jobs, and I'm going to .... .... dues, if membership is worthy, then a member shouldn't mind directly paying dues to support the cause.

The Seeds of Protest Bloom. Staples Boycott Goes National.

Jul 12, 2014 ... The California Federation of Teachers gave their support. ... Federation of Teachers will vote Saturday on a proposal to boycott Staples.

Staples Ends Postal Service Program After Mass. Boycott -

Jul 15, 2014 ... Related Link. Teachers Union Joins Staples Boycott in Support of Postal Workers ... You can reach Eric Levenson at

California Teachers Association - November 2014

It includes research and 16 guiding principles for these areas and will soon be ... urging educators to support the CTA boycott of Staples office supplies stores.

Is Staples campaigning for support from teachers due to Postal ...

Jun 13, 2014 ... ... unions in California, New Hampshire and Michigan to boycott Staples. ... Staples is building on its long history of supporting teachers, students, and ... Our $1 million donation will help teachers supply their classrooms just in ...

Stop Staples - Postal Reporter

APWU: PRC Documents Shed Light on Shady Staples Privatization Deal ... May 30, when the AFL-CIO notified the APWU [PDF] it would support the boycott of ... the program, and the California Federation of Teachers voted to boycott Staples. ... The U.S. Postal Service is making changes that will add low wage jobs to our ...

Teachers vs Staples - Unions lose the Stamp War - Whiteout Press

Sep 23, 2014 ... (ONN) The war between teachers unions and Staples office supply stores ... Independent News at its Best - If it's blacked-out, covered-up or censored, you can find it here! ... organized labor unions slowly came to the aid of their fellow union ... to join the boycott - the mighty California Federation of Teachers.

Why Are Postal Workers Boycotting Staples? | The Nation

Jul 28, 2014 ... Staples is at the center of a highly controversial public-private ... the so-called “ Retail Expansion Plan” at eighty-two stores in California, ... Following weeks of postal workers' campaigning, with support from the ... In an e-mail to The Nation, Staples states the company has ended the pilot for now, but “will ...

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Will California Teachers Support the Staples Boycott? - Businessweek

Apr 24, 2014 ... The state's teachers union will vote on whether to buy school supplies at Staples.

National Teachers' Union Expected To Join Staples Boycott

Jul 11, 2014 ... ... Federation of Teachers will vote Saturday on a proposal to boycott Staples. ... Will California Teachers Support the Staples Boycott?

California Federation of Teachers Votes to Boycott Staples over ...

Apr 29, 2014 ... Teachers union encourages educators to purchase school supplies from stores ... CFT's resolution on Staples can be found at:

Teachers, postal workers weigh Staples boycott - USA Today

Jul 2, 2014 ... Public school teachers across the USA are threatening to boycott the ... with its own store employees will replace "living-wage jobs" with lower-paying positions. ... in front of Los Angeles' Staples Center alongside California postal workers. ... members "stand united in unequivocal support" of p...

AFT: Join the Fight, Stop Staples from Privatizing USPS Jobs ...

Jun 21, 2014 ... The Staples deal will replace full-service U.S. Post Offices with knock-off post offices in Staples stores that are ... Resolution: Support U.S. Postal Workers; Boycott Staples. Executive Council, California Federation of Teachers.