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How Does Dynamite Work?
Dynamite was first developed in 1866 by Alfred Nobel, the founder of the Nobel Prize and an inventor who held 355 patents. The invention of dynamite was significant because it is an explosive that can be transported safely and detonated at will. The... More »
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Dynamite is an explosive made of nitroglycerin, sorbents and stabilizers. It was invented by the ... Immanuel's work with explosives later on inspired Alfred to make explosives safer and more effective. Today dynamite is mainly used in the ...


Boom! Did you hear that explosion? It sounded like a thousand sticks of dynamite blowing up at once. Can you imagine what that might look and sound like?

Jun 28, 2013 ... Dynamite is a type of chemical explosive. Discover how explosives from gasoline to dynamite work in this episode of BrainStuff. Whether the ...


Dynamite is a basic form of a chemical explosive. Learn more about dynamite and find out how dynamite can cause massive explosions.


Get information, facts, and pictures about dynamite at Encyclopedia.com. ... Alfred continued his work with this dangerous liquid, working on a boat in the middle ... in which the dope does not contribute to the explosive strength of the dynamite.


It works because nitroglycerin, the active ingredient of dynamite, is an unstable compound that changes almost instantly from a dense liquid ...


He called his paste dynamite and went on to develop a blasting cap which could be ... <http://www.nobelprize.org/alfred_nobel/biographical/articles/life-work/ ...


Oct 1, 2016 ... You may know Alfred Nobel invented dynamite, and left his fortune to start ... With all that said, nitroglycerin and TNT do have some chemistry in common. ... in the hilarious “Things I Won't Work With” series by pharmaceutical ...


Aug 29, 2008 ... The Quick Trick: If it's a white powder found in sticks, it's dynamite. If it's a .... who's also obsessed with counting but likes to do it backwards. 10.