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Rhinitis medicamentosa


Rhinitis medicamentosa (or RM) is a condition of rebound nasal congestion brought on by ... between the discontinuation of the drug and the relief of symptoms may be too long for ... open the nose w...

How Long Does Rebound Congestion Last????!!!! - Health Boards


Aug 28, 2004 ... Try saline sprays until the congestion goes away. I know you aren't supposed to use nasal sprays for more than three days in a row or it will ...

About Rebound Congestion - Rhinitis Medicamentosa


How Physicians Treat Rebound Congestion & Rhinitis Medicamentosa ... Afrin nasal spray addiction can (and often does) last a lifetime. .... If these patients were able to endure such severe discomfort for that long, they would have already ...

How long does the rebound effect from nasal spray last? - Straight ...


Tuesday, I woke up pretty congested, and I expected this, too, since I know ... If the rebound effect can last this long, then I'll keep waiting for it to ...

Rhinitis medicamentosa - ask the Boogor Doctor


My doctor told me there's nothing she can do, I would have to go cold turkey but I' m only 17. .... Basically, I really want to know how long this will last. ... The rebound congestion I experienced after using nasal spray was absolutely awful, one of ...

Rebound nasal congestion - Home Forums - GardenWeb


Feb 17, 2005 ... Try the saline sprays first, with the decongestant as a last resort. .... but they actually add to the congestion/toxicity problem in the long run. ... I have a POSITIVE STORY about getting over rebound congestion caused by ... Damn does it feel nice to breathe through my nose--and without the use of medicine!

I Have a Nose Spray Addiction – I'm Addicted to Afrin | Nose Spray ...


Feb 10, 2013 ... Rebound congestion is temporarily relieved by the use of nose spray ... Too much nose spray use causes more nasal congestion that can .... Long Overdue says: ... stuffiness with the inability to swallow (this helped me last time I quit) is ... I wouldn't do it very often though as I'm not sure if it kills brain ...

Decongestant Nasal Spray: Are You Overusing It? - WebMD


Nasal sprays may ease nasal congestion, but overusing them can backfire into a ... "The person will experience a rebound, where the nasal congestion is ...

Oh no! I've become dependant on OTC nose spray! - Tilted Forum ...


So now basically if I don't use it I get REALLY congested(rebound ... with my nose , but does anyone else have any recommendations for things to take in the mean time? ... For a long time (months at a time, I figure) I dont think I breathed .... The last time I used the nasal spray I ended up with a sinus infection ...

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Q: How long does rebound congestion last?
A: On One Hand: First-Time Users Rebound congestion is caused by the overuse of nasal decongestants. The topical vasoconstrictor (blood vessel swelling reducer) in... Read More »
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Q: How Long Will My Rebound Congestion Last? ?
A: I got a really bad cold 2 months ago and I started using nasal decongestants. I loved it because I could finally breath for 12 hours especially at night. I've b... Read More »
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Q: Anyone Ever Addicted To Nasal Sprays??? How Long Does Rebound Con...
A: a few days. Just have to tough it out...try some sudafed tablets. ... ... breathe and I did not sleep all week. So try some Sudafed or Tylenol sinus allergy. It... Read More »
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