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Typically a battalion consists of 300 to 800 soldiers and is divided into a ... With successive rounds of cutbacks after the war, many infantry regiments were ...

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Mar 29, 2003 ... A company typically has 100 to 200 soldiers, and a battalion is a combat unit of 500 to 800 soldiers. Three to five battalions, approximately ...

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Battalion - 300 to 1,000 soldiers. Four to six companies make up a battalion, which is normally commanded by a lieutenant colonel with a command sergeant  ...

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This diagram provides information on how Army operational units are organized - from the Theater Army, Field ... Battalion. (3 - 5 Companies). 500 - 600 Soldiers. Lieutenant Colonel ..... Each company is responsible for up to 90 miles of the.

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Oct 6, 2007 ... In the Marines there are about 2000 men in a battalion and about 75 in a platoon and a squad veries. Ahcho A · 8 years ago. 1. Thumbs up. 1.

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Battalion: Three companies/batteries are assigned to form a battery a batallion. Regiment: ... Division: Three Brigades are assigned to make up a Division. .... There is no telling how many soldiers may be assigned to a Corps.

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The numbers given for men in each unit is more representative of infantry units than armoured units. ... Regiment[2], 2 or more Battalions, 1000 to 2000, Col. ... [1 ] This column indicates what usually makes up the core of the unit - with larger formations there ... The information above was cobbled together from many sources, ...

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Although the use of the term "battalion" varies depending on what country and what branch of service is being referred to, a typical battalion in the U.S. Army has ...

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Sep 3, 2014 ... British Army infantry strength is measured in battalions. ... In the US Army, three or four infantry regiments make up a division, each comprising two or three ... Only the Chinese PLA could even muster that many soldiers.

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For most soldiers of the British Army, it was the Battalion, rather than the ... the same battalion throughout their army career; others served in many different ones . ... Few Battalions were up to strength when the war broke out in August 1914, ...

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Q: How many soldiers make up a platoon, company, division, regiment,...
A: It depends on the MOS. Armor Platoon is 16 men, four men to a tank, four tanks to a platoon. Three Platoons (I have seen some units have four plattons), plus th... Read More »
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Q: How many troops make up a battalion
A: The typical U.S. Army battalion is a unit of 800 - 900 soldiers. Th... ...MORE... Read More »
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Q: How many soldiers make up a betallion
A: A battalion is made up of 300 to 1000 soldiers. Keep doing the ChaCha! ...MORE... Read More »
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Q: Soldiers...? How many soldiers make up a Legion?
A: Not sure. In Armor Battalions, it was 5 companies= 4 Combat and 1 supply. Each Combat Company has 5 platoons, 4 tank platoons and 1 supply. Each Platoon has 4 t... Read More »
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Q: How many Battalions make up a Marine Regiment?
A: The Marines know there are strength in numbers so they comprise a regiment that consist of 4 infantry battalions. VGQ (they say I have given you too many points... Read More »
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