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A peripheral is "an ancillary device used to put information into and get information out of the computer". There are three different types of peripherals: input devices, which interact wi...

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Dec 14, 2010 ... Speaker act Output Device and Microphone act as Input. device). 5. Facsimile ( FAX) (It has scanner to scan the document and also.

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Aug 29, 2016 ... The terms “input” and “output” are used both as verbs to describe the process .... A scanner is a device that images a printed page or graphic by ...

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A scanner is only an input device. Unless it comes with the printer. A printer is an output device.

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May 6, 2016 ... Alternative Titles: computer peripheral, input/output device, input–output ... Another direct-entry mechanism is the optical laser scanner (e.g., ...

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Jul 11, 2014 ... Without these input / output devices, a computer is just a dumb machine ... Keyboard; Mouse; Scanner; Digital Camera , Camcorder; Gamepad, ...

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A computer peripheral is both an input and output device. ... These devices are external to a computer and include things like a scanner, a keyboard, a computer  ...

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Peripheral devices are external devices that connect to the computer through ports, ... into the computer, like the keyboard, mouse, microphone, and scanner. ... Some devices that perform both input AND output operations are referred to as I/O ...

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Learn about the Computer - Input and Output devices. Mouse, monitor, keyboard, digital camera, scanner, printer, what are these devices? Input or Output ...

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A secondary school revision resource for GCSE ICT looking at input devices, ... Input devices, processing and output devices ... silver scanner with lid open.

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Computer devices such as mice, printers, scanners and speakers are known as peripheral hardware. ... Peripheral hardware are either input or output devices.

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How do we tell what is an input and what is an output device? ... Printer; Mouse; Keyboard; Monitor; Web cam; Scanner; Graphics tablet; Joypad; Speakers.

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Computer dictionary definition for what input device means including related links , full ... Keyboard · Light gun and light pen scanner; Magnetic ink (like the ink found on checks) ... What is the difference between an input and output device?