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In computing, the form factor is the specification of a motherboard – the dimensions, power ... is for that of the motherboard, which generally dictates the overall size of the case. ... RAM, ...

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Apr 29, 2005 ... From AT to BTX: Motherboard Form Factors ... It also specifies what type of case and power supply will be ... Prior to 1997, IBM computers used large motherboards. ... Initially there will be three motherboards offered in BTX form factor. ... desktop systems, whether designing small, compact systems or very ...

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Dec 16, 2002 ... When designing a PC, the engineers can choose to use one of the popular ... All the popular PC power supply form factors up through 1995 were ... Of these, only three are used in most modern systems; the others are pretty much obsolete. ... in very compact systems that mainly use Flex-ATX–sized boards.

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these three components as an interconnecting system. When you put ... Form Factors Used by Computer Cases, Motherboards, and Power Supplies. 2. A+ 220 - .... the same, a BTX motherboard can use an ATX power supply. .... For low-end desktop systems, compact cases, sometimes called low-profile cases or slimline  ...

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Different form factors usually require different style cases. Differences between form factors can include; physical size and shape, mounting hole ... The longer side of the board is used to host more on-board I/O. The ATX power ... This allows for smaller cases, but limits the number of expansion slots, usually to two or three.

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May 23, 2014 ... Size comparison of the three main motherboard form factors. ... A desktop case, used specifically in the context of PC-case design (since the term ... A few tower- style cases will provide one 3.5-inch bay that's accessible ... Some compact or SFF PC chassis require a smaller PSU form factor, known as SFX.

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Aug 2, 2004 ... Form factor refers to the overall dimensions and component layout of a ... Or we could be talking about its dimensions—how much physical space it ... most of these form factors are also used for I/O or other nonmemory devices. ... Computer Inc. computers or the Aria case from Antec Inc. Small form factor is ...

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Sep 1, 2005 ... This article will help you understand the differences. ... When purchasing a new computer system, the form factor is important because ... In case of component failure, however, replacement of the entire motherboard can be avoided. ... The specific components used in integrated motherboards vary between ...

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In addition, some case form factors can work with more than one power supply form factor. ... This family of cases supports three different case form factors. ... The older form factors (PC/XT, and AT) are not used in modern systems at all.

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Baby AT motherboards and power supplies could be used in AT (and later many ... A smaller form factor intended for "slimline" cases, LPX (Low Profile Extension) was mainly used by large OEMs looking to build a compact, cheap system. ... NLX had a number of quirks, one of which was that cases had to have three sets of ...

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Nov 30, 2015 ... Mid-tower cases are the most widely used computer cases. ... Mid-tower case can also accommodate an ATX motherboard in most cases. ... Three SSI form factors are CEB (Compact Electronics Bay), EEB (Enterprise ...

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May 24, 2013 ... A computer manufacturer can also have a proprietary power supply form factor that is not compatible with different computer models or other ... The motherboard form factor and the power supply form factor must fit in the case and work together. ... 12V for CPU used with an ATX12V v1 power supply. +12.

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We can't speak for other things, but size matters a lot for a desktop computer case . ... Most computer cases come in four distinct sizes: small form factor (SFF), mini .... Some gaming mid towers can even take up to three cards, though we do ...