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Bird anatomy, or the physiological structure of birds' bodies, shows many unique adaptations, ... Respiratory air sacs often form air pockets within the semi-hollow bones of the bird's ... o...

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The hollow center of a long bone, Medullary Cavity. A mature (living) bone cell that is completely surrounded by hard bone tissue, Osteocyte (cyte = cell). A bone cell ... The muscle attachment joined to the part of the body that moves, Insertion.

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Spinal cavity. ... Cavity surrounded by the backbones is? .... What body cavity is totally surrounded by bone and provides very good protection to the structures it ...

What body cavity provides the most protection to its internal structure


Thoracic ... Which system protects the organs and provides structure for the body ? ... What body cavity is totally surrounded by bone and provides very good ...

Chapter 1: Normal Bone Anatomy


... to the soft tissues of the body, and to provide protective cavities for the vital organs. .... 1-3 Mature osteocyte surrounded by woven bone (WB) and lamellar bone (LB). ... bones that surround the marrow cavities; and spongy or cancellous bone, .... the blood supply of a long-bone which was totally missed in the older reports ...

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Osteocytes (Gr. osteon, bone + kytos, cell), which are found in cavities ..... ankle usually have cores of spongy bone surrounded completely by compact bone. .... for adaptation of bone to changes in stress, especially during the body's growth.

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Fifty male albino rats (Rattus norvegicus, albinus, Wistar, 200-250 g body weight) were used ... The animals were divided into 4 groups: I) bone cavity without implantation of any ... surrounded by poorly organized connective tissue, some collagen fiber bundles ... The surgical cavity was totally filled by well developed bone.

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Answer to Complete the following statements by filling in the answer blanks with the correct term. The abdominopelvic and thoracic...

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Sep 5, 2012 ... Cartilage that covers the ends of bones where they form joints. ..... When extracellular matrix has surrounded the osteoblast. ... Lines the body cavities that open to the outside of the body including the nose and mouth as well as digestive , respiratory, urinary, and ... Live totally inside the extracellular matrix.

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with alcian blue for cartilage and alizarin red for bone show the vertebral ... and surrounded by sclerotome, myotome, and dermatome cells. Cartilage formation in the perinotochordal region of the vertebral body is seen at 5 days .... When the specimens were totally clear, they ..... within the marrow cavity of the vertebrae,.

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QL body cavity. The Q2_ body cavity is totally surrounded by bone and provides very good protection to the structures it contains. 12. Circle the term or phrase ...

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The page has not loaded completely and some content and functionality are corrupted. ... abdominal cavity the cavity of the body between the diaphragm above and the pelvis ... cranial cavity the space enclosed by the bones of the cranium. ... and associated tissues and blood and lymphatic vessels, surrounded by the ...

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Bones not rugose, skull light. Class 4. .... and cannot be pushed back into the body cavity. Even in a ... that the urethra is almost completely surrounded by bone.