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An echo is caused when sound waves bounce off of a surface and travel back to the ears. Echoes commonly occur when loud sounds are emitted into an empty room or down a well. The ec...

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An echo is caused by the reflection of sound waves at some moderately even surface, such as the wall of a building. The waves of sound on meeting the surface ...

Echo Crater


Echo Crater. In this adventure, you'll get to yell as loud as you want into a pit crater!! But, first let's learn what causes echoes and then find out how pit craters are ...

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If other people are complaining that they hear an echo when they are on an audio call with you, it might be caused by the audio device you are using. Try the  ...

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May 8, 2013 ... Causes of echoIn Brief:Its most likely your echo is caused by the far-end point. The loudness of the echo on VoIP calls is no worse than PSTN ...

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Understanding VoIP Echo is the first step to be able to eliminate it. Here's how to isolate voip echo, correct it and improve your call quality.

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What causes Room Echo? Excessive room echo is caused primarily by two things - hard surfaces and high ceilings. The worst materials are glass, marble and ...

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Listener echo occurs when some proportion of the talker's voice is echoed from the listener's end of the connection and then a second echo occurs which causes  ...

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May 11, 2014 ... The most common cause of echo occurs when the receiver volume is turned too high on your telephone handset. To resolve this issue, try the ...

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Echo cancellation explained, causes and solutions: How the implementation of the correct EC algorithm can alleviate the effect.

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Q: What causes an echo?
A: An echo is just a reflection of sound waves. So, just like a flashlight shined at a mirror will reflect (bounce back) the sound waves go out hit a wall or other... Read More »
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Q: What causes an echo?
A: Reflection of sound wave. Read More »
Source: www.school-for-champions.com
Q: What causes echo?
A: Hi Roger, On long reach circuits, most carriers employ echo cancelling equipment. Sometimes those echo quads break down or are misconfigured which causes echo. ... Read More »
Source: cellphoneforums.net
Q: What causes echo?
A: Some time around Fri, 5 Mar 2004 11:42:27 -0700 (give or take a month), someone who says they are named "Roger Bolan" <rbolan@us.ibm.com> fired up the tubes on ... Read More »
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Q: What causes echo?
A: There are two main sources of echo in telephony networks: acoustic echo and line echo. Acoustic echo is generated on any phone (IP or otherwise) when there is f... Read More »
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