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Looking forward to the past: What fossils tell us about extinction


Jan 28, 2014 ... Looking forward to the past: What fossils tell us about extinction ... All we have to do is find a roost and we can collect huge numbers of fossil ...

Forest:How Do We Know?:Fossils - Illinois State Museum


Organisms that preserve well can provide us with many clues to the past. ... The presence of fossils representative of these organisms can tell us a great deal ...

GSA - Importance of Fossils - Geological Survey of Alabama


They tell us about the organisms that lived on Earth from the time of the oldest ... Fossils reveal many fascinating facts about the past, but they do a lot more.

What does the fossil record show? - Common Questions


Fossils provide a unique view into the history of life by showing the forms and features of life in the past. Fossils tell us how species have changed across long  ...

Kids Tech - "What can fossils tell us about our planet's past, present ...


Apr 29, 2012 ... "What can fossils tell us about our planet's past, present, and future? ... distant past? What do fossils reveal about the processes of evolution?

Fossil Focus: Using Plant Fossils to Understand Past Climates


Jul 1, 2012 ... Fossils provide us with our only direct record of prehistoric life. .... temperature, and so does not reveal the complete climate story of a plant.

Fossils - Window to the past


As with all other trace fossils, tracks and trails also tell more about the organism's ... Like most trace fossils, tracks and trails do not tell us the specifics on the ...

Fossils help Us to Understand Past Climate Change - Explore Nature


Sep 22, 2010 ... Plant fossils are evidence of ancient climates. This 6-foot long, 52-million-year- old palm frond was found near Fossil Butte National Monument ...

The Fossil Record as Evidence for Evolution - Boundless


Fossils tell us when organisms lived, as well as the progression and evolution of ... Fossils are the preserved remains or traces of animals, plants, and other organisms from the past. ... How does the fossil record provide evidence for evolution?

What do fossils communicate about the past? - Ask.com


Fossils communicate what organisms were alive during which period of time, as well as their shape and size. Fossils are well-preserved remains of animals and ...

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What can fossils tell us? - Oxford University Museum of Natural History


What ia a fossil? in the learning zone. ... What can fossils tell us? Fossils give us information about how animals and plants lived in the past. ... Fossils can tell us a lot about the past. Why not find out more ... fossils tell us? How do fossils form?

What can fossils tell us? - Palaeocritti - a guide to prehistoric animals


What do fossils tell us? It's an obvious question, commonly phrased as 'What is the point in studying fossils?', but often can be one of the more difficult ones to ...

What do fossils tell us about the climate and environment in ...


Climate is one of the factors that determines where different species of plants and animals can live, so paleontologists look for clues to a location's ancient ...

Fossil Facts- Dialogue for Kids (Idaho Public Television)


Nov 16, 2004 ... Sometimes, the remains of the animal are preserved as fossils. Here is a ... Rock layers can tell us Earth's history because they preserve past events. Fossils help ... How do you find, identify and prepare fossils? How fossils ...

Earth's past is revealed in rocks and fossils. - ClassZone


Fossils also tell us about organisms, such as dinosaurs, that are now extinct. ... Why do rock fossils form in sedimentary rock rather than in igneous rock?