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Constitution Day (United States)


Celebrations, Constitution Day and Citizenship Day commemorate the formation and signing on September 17, 1787, of the Constitution and recognize all who, ...

It's the Law: Government Agencies, Schools and Universities Mark ...


Sep 17, 2010 ... 17 as "Constitution Day and Citizenship Day. ... an American flag at all 34,000 facilities nationwide, as it does every day. "We have no additional plans to recognize or celebrate tomorrow's commemorative date," spokeswoman ...

Happy Constitution Day! - Slate


Sep 16, 2014 ... You say you've never heard of Constitution Day™, a federally mandated holiday. .... recognize that a probably unconstitutional holiday inspired by a PR man to peddle a song, promoted by a ... Why Does It Have Black Friday?

Is the Constitution Day Mandate Constitutional? | University of ...


Sep 22, 2014 ... on the United States Constitution on September 17 of ... made it quite clear to the student body that they were forced to recognize Constituion Day per federal law. .... Constitution Day does not have to be feel-good pablum.

Constitution Day and Citizenship Day | USCIS


Each year, on September 17, Americans celebrate Constitution Day and Citizenship ... We also recognize people who are taking steps to become U.S. citizens.

Constitution Day and Citizenship Day - Center for Civic Education


Students participate in a matching game to learn what the Constitution is and what it does for them. They will recognize key images related to the Constitution ...

Constitution Day: Happy Illegal Holiday! - The New York Times


Sep 17, 2011 ... Constitution Day does not pose a true choice. ... more difficult for citizens in each country to recognize the ways in which their respective nations ...

Constitution Day - U.S. Senate


Written in 1787, ratified in 1788, and in operation since 1789, the United States Constitution is the world's longest surviving written charter of government. Its first  ...

Schools ordered to observe 'Constitution Day' - NBC News


May 24, 2005 ... The Education Department outlined Tuesday how it plans to enforce a little- known provision that Congress passed in 2004: Every school and ...

Celebrate Constitution Day with USC | USC News


Sep 16, 2015 ... 17 as a day to recognize the value and history of the guiding document ... Constitution and Citizenship Day, a federal holiday commemorating the ratification of the U.S. ... As Social Security turns 80, what does its future hold?

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Constitution Day and Citizenship Day in United States - Time and Date


Constitution Day and Citizenship Day in the United States recognize both the importance of the nation's constitution and its citizens. Constitution Day and ...

Constitution Day - September 17, 2015 | U.S. Constitution


Constitution Day is September 17, 2015. Celebrate the ratification of the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution of the United States of America is the supreme law of ...

Constitution Day and Citizenship Day | Law Library of Congress


Jul 31, 2015 ... Guide on Constitution Day and Citizenship Day. ... the signing of the Constitution on September 17, 1787, and “recognize all who, by coming of ...

Constitution Day - Lesson Plans and Activities for Kids from the ...


In September on 1787, the Founding Fathers signed the most influential document in American history: the United States Constitution. Every year, the National ...

Constitution Day and Citizenship Day - U.S. Department of Education


Sep 17, 2014 ... September 17 is Constitution Day and Citizenship Day (Constitution Day). ... The U.S. Department of Education does not mandate or prescribe particular ... recognize the enduring strength of our Constitution, and reaffirm our ...