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When a cat moves its tail quickly from side to side, it is feeling afraid, aggressive or both. This behavior indicates an unfriendly mood, and a cat that is whipping its tail shoul...

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Almost everyone understands the wagging tail of the dog, the tail of the cat, ... It can also signify indecision as to what to do next such as to climb a tree or stay on the ground. ... Cats bristle their tails and the fur on their bodies when aroused.

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... with it's tail. Learn what it means when your favorite feline is twitching or swishing it's tail. ... Cat is not wagging its tail in joy. ... Signal to the male that he can mount without being attacked. 11. Tail held ... Ways to Monitor Your Cats Health.

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Does his tail wagging mean that he's unhappy? .... I.E. Bengal cats puff their tails out like a bottle brush when they are very excited and running ...

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Sep 17, 2006 ... Tail bristled. This is an aroused cat. If lowered it can mean fear. It up, it can mean an aggressive cat. Cats bristle their tails and the fur on their ...

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Whether or not wagging their tails is something they do on purpose, it certainly is a useful way of communication to their owners. Why do cats meow? To tell you ...

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This is her announcement that she has had enough. Cats are very affectionate but a little bit goes a long way with our feline friends. A wagging tail can mean she ...

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Cats wag their tails to send messages to both humans and other animals. The positioning of the tail as well as the position of the ears and the cat's facial ...

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Oct 18, 2011 ... Fortunately, we don't need to be animal psychics to do this. ... Used for us and for other cats as a means of introduction, usually ... During these 45 minutes, her cat becomes more and more sated, and her tail begins to wag ...

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Dec 13, 2010 ... ... we learn from cats? Perhaps we can ocassionally adopt cat's attitude of tail wagging . ... cats wag there tail out of instinct. in nature they can use there tail to attract things like birds. ... I think it means they're agitated. But who ...
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As far as tail wagging is concerned, although cats can wag their tails in a playful manner, one has to look for accompanying body language to truly know what ...

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Apr 9, 2015 ... Get Quote. If she's really agitated, she will wag her tail rapidly back and forth from the base. ... Why Do Cats Spend So Much Time Grooming?

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Be a cat detective: All cats are different in their behavior, tolerance and likes, but ... Wagging tail = bad: Unlike a dog, a wagging cat tail does not mean they are ...

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friendliness (in most cases), cats wag their tails to signal agitation and, at times, the threat of aggression. In some cases, the "swishing" of the tail tip is simply.

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Although cats are often mysterious creatures, you don't have to be in the dark regarding their enigmatic ways. Cats, like dogs, express emotion by moving their  ...