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Cat Facts: What Does it Mean When a Cat Wags Its Tail? | petMD


While dogs may wag their tails furiously as a sign of greeting and excitement, cats have more nuanced—but no less expressive—body language. Unlike their ...

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When it comes to cats, tail posture and movement are not quite as easy to ... what does it mean when Penny's tail starts thumping the second I begin to pet her?

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Be a cat detective: All cats are different in their behavior, tolerance and likes, but ... Wagging tail = bad: Unlike a dog, a wagging cat tail does not mean they are ...

What does it mean when cats wag their tales? | Reference.com


When a cat moves its tail quickly from side to side, it is feeling afraid, aggressive or both. This behavior indicates an unfriendly mood, and a cat that is whipping ...

Why do cats wag their tails? | Reference.com


Cats wag their tails to send messages to both humans and other animals. The positioning of the tail as well as the position of the ears and the cat's facial ...

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Unlike their canine companions, cats often wag their tails back and forth ... in another common behavior, check out Cat Purring: Why Does Your Pet Make This  ...

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Apr 9, 2015 ... A cat's wagging tail means various things, each wag is slightly different. ... If she's really agitated, she will wag her tail rapidly back and forth ...

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Anyone with a cat knows it's no surprise to see their favorite feline exhibit curious behaviors or ... Why do cats go to the one person in the room who doesn't like cats? ... If the cat is sitting quietly with his tail gently wagging back and forth, he's  ...

Why Do Cats Wag Their Tails? - My Types of Cats


Whether or not wagging their tails is something they do on purpose, it certainly is a useful way of communication to their owners. Why do cats meow? To tell you ...

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Feb 2, 2016 ... Did you know that tail wagging in cats doesn't mean that they are upset. In fact understanding tail wagging help us to understand our cat.