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Botany, also called plant science(s), plant biology or phytology, is the science of plant life and a ... Nowadays, botanists study approximately 400,000 species of living organisms of which some 260...

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What Does a Botanist Do? Botanists study various aspects of plants. For example , they may study their physiological processes such as photosynthesis at the ...

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Other field botanists search to find new species or do experiments to discover how plants grow under different conditions. Some botanists study the structure of  ...

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What is Botany? Botany, also known as plant biology, is the study of plants. ... One of the important things botanists do is identify new plants. Since there are over ...

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Did you know there are more than 400,000 known species of plants? It's true. And if you're a Botanist, it's your job to study them.nnA Scientist who specializes in ...

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Apr 28, 2015 ... Botanists (sometimes known as plant biologists) study all forms of plant ... To do this job you will need to have accuracy and attention to detail.

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<sup>1</sup> Botanists are scientists who study plants. Why is it important to study plants? Plants give us two things we need to survive. The first thing is food. Plants are the  ...

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A botanist studies various aspects of plant biology. This includes studying the plant's relationship to the environment and to...

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title tags - The Study of Plants and Flowers - A Botany Guide for Kids and Students ... will help them learn more about what botany is, and what a botanist does.

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Students searching for Become a Botanist: Education and Career Roadmap ... Degrees in science such as biology or chemistry may be suitable for students seeking to pursue graduate studies in botany. .... Where do you want to attend class?

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Botanists study all types of plants. Their studies cover growth, reproduction, population, commercial value, relationships between plants, and the biological ...

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Botanist (Plant Biologist). Do you think green? Botanist. A botanist (plant biologist ) studies microorganisms and giant trees — all plant life. Botanists who like to ...

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Botany often includes the study of algae, may deal with fungi and bacteria, and usually explores the lives of plants, from tiny floating duckweeds to gigantic ...