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The country known in English as both Myanmar and Burma has undergone changes in both its ..... The present name in the Chinese is 緬甸 (pronounced Miǎndiàn). The Vietnamese (Mi...

BBC News - Should it be Burma or Myanmar?


Sep 26, 2007 ... Protest marches in Burma have entered a ninth day. But why is the country not known in the UK by its official name, Myanmar?

Why did Burma change its name to Myanmar? - Quora


May 31, 2015 ... This is an interesting sociolinguistic issue. Actually both words have the same ... Why did Myanmar change its name from Burma? Why does ...

Australia and the Burma/Myanmar name debate - The Interpreter


Nov 27, 2013 ... One will be the name by which her country is known. Ever since 1989, when Burma's military government changed the English name of the ...

What's in a name: Myanmar vs Burma - Opinion - Jerusalem Post


Jul 1, 2013 ... First, the military leaders argue that as the name Burma was given or used by ... If the current pattern of democratic transition continues and the ...

Siam Officially Renamed Thailand | History Today


Muang Thai or Thailand means 'land of the free' and the name had been changed ... Cambodia and Burma, and partly because of their profound hostility to the ...

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Official web sites of Myanmar, art, culture, history, cities, airlines, embassies, ... and much of the Burmese population do not recognize this name change, ... DVB broadcasts twice a day Burma related current news and news commentaries.

"Burma" or "Myanmar"? | Burma Center Prague


“The name (Burma) is taken from Mranma, the national name of the Burmese people, ... any more people within the present union than the nameBurma” does .

Myanmar or Burma? Debate over nation's name persists - latimes


Dec 24, 2012 ... Despite its obscurity abroad, the term Myanmar will probably prevail over Burma in the tug of words over the Southeast Asian nation's name.

Myanmar or Burma: Conflict in a Country With Two Names - Law Street


Feb 21, 2015 ... Read on to learn about the history of Myanmar, the current conflict, and the ... Although it officially changed the name from Burma to Myanmar ...

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What's in a name? Myanmar: Bye-bye, Burma, bye-bye | The ...


May 21, 2013 ... TO THE regret of some of its stick-in-the-mud writers, The Economist has long followed a strict policy of using official names for places. No East ...

President Obama Is in Burma—or Is It Myanmar? - The Atlantic


Nov 13, 2014 ... But the U.S. and U.K. insisted on using the name Burma. ... But the current confusion over what to call Burma raises a larger quandary. Should ...

Why Burma? Why Myanmar? Why Both? : The Two-Way : NPR


Dec 2, 2011 ... Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton's visit to Myanmar, also known ... Then, in 1989, the current military regime took power and dropped Burma, ... promoted the name Myanmar as a conventional name for their state; the ...