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External jugular vein


This vein receives the occipital occasionally, the posterior external jugular, and, near its termination, the transverse cervical, transverse ...

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The jugular veins are part of the circulatory drainage system for the head, carrying blood to the lungs for resupply with fresh oxygen. The internal jugular vein ...

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The external jugular vein is important as a part of the venous drainage of the head, brain and neck. Its close location to the surface of the skin makes it more ...

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Any of several veins of the neck: (1) the external jugular veins, which receive blood from ... role in circulatory system (in circulatory system: The blood vessels) ( in ...

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The external jugular vein and its tributaries supply the majority of the external face. It is formed by the union of two veins:.

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External jugular vein definition, See under jugular (def 1b). See more.

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Pulmonary arteries and veins function differently. ... and face; it passes beneath the clavicle and receives the flow of the external jugular vein, among others.

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79. CIRCULATORY ANATOMY internal jugular vein external jugular vein axillary vein scapular ..... The relatively small external jugular vein of green turtles receives relatively few branches ..... function of arterial blood gas levels. Venous blood.

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Mar 29, 2016 ... The jugular veins are in the neck. They carry ... How long would it take to die if one of your external jugular vein was slit? Cardiovascular ...

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As for its purpose, it's the same as any vein's purpose: it acts as a route for the flow of ... How long would it take to die if one of your external jugular vein was slit ?

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External jugular vein: The more superficial of the two jugular veins situated on each side of the neck. The other is the internal jugular vein. They drain blood from ...

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There are two jugular veins on each side of the neck, known as the external and internal jugulars. The external one lies close to the surface and carries blood ...

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According to Encyclopedia Britannica, the internal jugular veins, which are located in the neck, are responsible for draining the blood from the brain, face and ...