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Single-reed instrument mouthpieces are basically wedge ... tip of the mouthpiece and the tip of the reed is known as the ...

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The wind passage of a wind instrument is called the bore and may be ... and brass instruments are now best distinguished according to their mouthpieces, since ...

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Ancient woodwind instruments did not have the mouthpiece separated from the ... (which is called the table) is slightly concave and the tip opening is convex.

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Introducing Yamaha Mouthpieces . ... A brass instrument mouthpiece is much more than an add-on accessory. It is a vital part of your instrument. Mouthpieces ...

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mouthpiece. (ˈmaʊθˌpiːs). n. 1. (Instruments) the part of a wind instrument into which the player blows. 2. (Telecommunications) the part of a telephone ...

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Kids learn about how woodwind music instruments work. ... By blowing air into or across the mouthpiece, the musician creates vibrations that make ... or vibrations are made when the air travels across a thin piece of wood called a reed.

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Mike Vaccaro Sax and Clarinet Mouthpieces specializes in making clarinet ... Instrument makers are in the business of making woodwind instruments, and .... Some mouthpiece designs have what is called a rollover in this area, which helps  ...

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Metal caps called keys cover the holes of most woodwind instruments. The mouthpieces for some woodwinds, including the clarinet, oboe and bassoon, use a ...

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The mouthpieces of different brass instruments are significantly different and ... This so-called "lip reed" action of the lips provides the brass player with a wide ...

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But most woodwind instruments are made of or contain polymers. ... A plastic recorder also needs an oil called "recorder cream" - a petrolium product much like Vaseline - on the joints so that it ... The ABS resin piccolo has a metal mouthpiece,