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Occupation, Farmer. David Cunningham Carter (born 3 April 1952) is a New Zealand National Party politician and .... 22 January 2013. Retrieved 3 February 2013. Jump up ^ "Labour: Carter wrong man for job". 3 News NZ. 29 January 2013.


Occupation, Investment banker foreign policy analyst. Political party, Republican. Carter William Page (born June 3, 1971) is an American oil industry consultant. According to ...


Modern day van driver. A Carter typically drove a light two wheeled carriage. Also sometimes someone who drove horse-drawn trams was called a Carman.


gold england occupations, census occupations, explanation of old occupations, census, historical occupations, ... CARTER Carries or conveys goods in a cart


carter in the Occupations topic by Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English | LDOCE | What you need to know about Occupations: words, phrases and ...


A List of Occupations ..... maker of cards or instruments for combing wool; CARMAN / CHARMAN / CARTER / CARRIER - drove a vehicle used to transport goods ...


What would someone who was an apprentice carter or Carter do in about 1924 please? Lesley.


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Census Office in 1881 for the tabulation of occupations were acted on as well as .... example, those following the occupation of 'Carter' would have been ...