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Lingual veins

The lingual veins begin on the dorsum, sides, and under surface of the tongue, and, passing backward along the course of the lingual artery, end in the internal ...

How to Pierce Your Own Tongue (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Locate the large veins on the bottom of your tongue. Two significant veins run alongside the bottom of your tongue, either of which--if pierced--will bleed ...

Oral Piercing 101: Beginners guide to tongue piercings

Apr 17, 2014 ... The tongue is a muscle and has a very large blood supply to it. Can you see the veins that run down either side of your tongue? The veins tend ...

Schoolgirl, 15, rushed to surgery after tongue piercing ruptures vein

May 4, 2010 ... jd, south coast, 4/5/2010 7:44 I don't agree with your comment at all. ... Speaking to people inside, its usually a tongue piercing that nicks a vein.

Does bad stuff really happen if you pierce through tongue veins ...

I mean it's not just if you hit a vein that's the problem, if you trap a vein you could end up killing half your tongue because it can't get enough ... Are the Veins in Your Tongue&v=FWhYulFY54w
Mar 11, 2012 ... ... i thought i pierced a vein when i did my tongue and that was so fucking scary! ... your so frickin cute wow i love the facial expressions haha.

Myths & Lies - Tattoo Art

If you have a third vein in your tongue, you can't be pierced" ... to do this, if there were, you could pinch your ear or tongue and you would pass out or collapse.

Tongue Piercing - Everything You Need to Know - XVampireX

Jun 16, 2015 ... You may not be able to get venoms (a piercing either side) if your veins are running down the sides of the tongue. Your piercer can assess ...

Illustrated Guide to Tongue Piercings - BecauseILive - HubPages

Aug 30, 2007 ... The myth, as it turns out, is only partially rooted in reality; there is an arterial vein in your tongue which, if nicked, can cause excessive bleeding.

FAQ Piercings - Panik Attakz

When you first get your initial piercing the metal must be surgical stainless steel. The body rejects ... Well for one thing, everyone has veins through their tongue.

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Q: Where are the veins are in your tongue?
A: Answer It varies for everyone. Nobody is the same. Read More »
Q: Where are the veins are in your tongue?
A: It varies for everyone. Nobody is the same. Read More »
Q: Where is the major vein in your tongue?
A: The tongue vein is called the lingual. More? We love to answer. Thanks for Read More »
Q: Where are the main veins in your tongue?
A: The veins are actually visible from the under side of your tongue. Simply stick it out while looking in the mirror and you'll see them. Read More »
Q: Where are the lingual veins located on the tongue?
A: The lingual veins are often visible through the mucosa on the Read More »