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Nitrate is a polyatomic ion with the molecular formula NO− 3 and a molecular mass of 62.0049 .... for horses. Do not feed high nitrate forages to pregnant mares ...

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... A Quick Study. How does the presence of Nitrates in our water really effect us? ... Most sources of excess nitrates come from human activity. The source of ...

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June, 2005. Nitrate is a form of dissolved nitrogen that occurs naturally in soil and water. It is the primary ... How do I know if there is nitrate in my water supply?

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Nitrate nitrite nitrogen in drinking water, surfacewater, and other waters. ... filters of various types, and standard water softeners do not remove nitrate-nitrogen.

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May 2, 2016 ... Nitrogen, in the forms of nitrate, nitrite, or ammonium, is a nutrient needed for ... Wastewater-treatment facilities that do not specifically remove ...



These processes do not remove all the nitrate, but can help to bring the ... Many of the major sources of nitrate and ammonium come from the use and production  ...

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Although nitrate levels that affect infants do not pose a direct threat to older children .... City water supplies often come from large lakes or reservoirs where any ...

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What are nitrates? Nitrates (NO3) are an essential source of nitrogen (N) for plants. ... What to do if you have high nitrates in your drinking water: If your drinking ...

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Where Does It Come From? The nitrogen cycle is based on natural events in which atmospheric nitrogen is fixed into compounds, largely as ammonium and ...

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Nitrates and nitrites are chemicals that can be found ... How do Nitrates get into the environment? Nitrates are generally found in surface waters and shallow.

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Where do nitrates come from? Cycle of conversions of nitrates in aquatic environment ... Nitrates (NO<sup>3-</sup>) are an oxidized form of nitrogen and are formed by ...

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Mar 12, 2013 ... There are various sources of aquarium nitrate, some can be avoided and some are inevitable. Remember, high nitrate concentrations in the ...

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Wells with high levels of nitrates are more likely to be privately owned and/or shallow, and ...