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Canola is a cultivar of rapeseed bred to be low in erucic acid. As a term canola may refer to .... In 2009, 90% of the Canadian crop was herbicide-tolerant. As of 2005, 87% of the canola grown in th...

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Although they look similar, canola and rapeseed plants and oils are very different . ... Besides the U.S., it is grown in Canada and Australia, but canola oil is ...

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Canola plants grow to a height of one to two metres. The yellow flower produces seed pods that are about 5 centimetres in length. There is an average of 60 to ...

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Canola was developed in the 1970s by Canadian plant scientists. It has become a ... On the farm, these plants grow to a height of one to two metres. Canola is a ...

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Canola has been grown in the Western Canadian Provinces for many years, and today there are over 15 million acres grown there annually. A few years ago ...

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What is canola and what are the uses of canola? Canola is a low erucic acid oilseed crop developed from oilseed rape. Europeans have grown oilseed rape for ...

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Feb 28, 2007 ... In reality, canola oil was granted a qualified health claim by the FDA that ... of the canola crop in Canada (where most of it is grown) comes from ...

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Like soybean, canola contains both high oil content as well as high protein content ... Canola requires approximately 16 to 18 inches of water through its growing ...

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Feb 12, 2015 ... Download in High-Resolution · Image Gallery; Canola Growing Region Map ... Canola Growing Regions Map. Canola Growing Regions Map.

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A study released in 2013 shows Canadian-grown canola contributes $19.3 billion to the Canadian economy each year, including more than 249,000 Canadian ...

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More than 52,000 Canadian farmers grow canola, generating economic activity of $1.4 billion in Ontario and Quebec (primarily in the processing sector), and ...

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Canola is versatile and can be grown in many regions around the globe. But about half of the world's canola crop is grown in Canada. The average canola farm ...

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Sep 5, 2014 ... Over the past 40 years, canola production has risen meteorically worldwide, spurred by the growing use of vegetable oils in China and India ...