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A carousel roundabout (British English), or merry-go-round, is an amusement ride consisting of ... The first steam-powered mechanical roundabout, invented by Thomas Bradshaw, appeared at the Aylsham...

History of The Merry Go Round


May 28, 2013 ... These Merry Go Round devices were also used in medieval times as a training machine for knights in battle. Knights would sit on wooden ...

History - Merry Go Round Museum in Sandusky, OH | Merry Go ...


The doors to the Merry-Go-Round Museum opened to the public on July, 14, 1990 but the idea was born on October 1, 1988 when the U.S. Postal Service ...

How was the merry-go-round invented during the Middle Ages as a ...


Mar 22, 2010 ... The merry-go-round is the oldest amusement ride that still exists today and was originally created during the Middle Ages as a device for ...

Inventor creates bicycle merry-go-round - Telegraph


Oct 10, 2008 ... An inventor has brought a whole new meaning to the term going for a spin by creating a bicycle merry-go-round.

Merry-go-round - Dictionary.com


Merry-go-round definition, Also called carousel, carrousel. (in amusement parks, carnivals, etc.) a revolving, circular platform with wooden horses or other ...

Patent US2657928 - Toy merry-go-round - Google Patents


NOV. 3, 1953 L, MCDONALD 2,657,928. TOY MERRY-GO-ROUND Filed May 28 , 1951 3 Sheets-Sheet l Lloyd L. Mc Donald INVENTOR. - Nov. 3, 1953 M ...

Patent US2407843 - Merry-go-round for playgrounds and the like ...


Sept.. '17, 1946. D. A. McDONALD 2,407,843. MERRY-GO-ROUND FOR PLAYGROUNDS AND THE LIKE Filed April 25, 1945 s Shegts-Sheet "1 Inventor  ...

Ernest Lawrence's Cyclotron: Invention for the Ages


Invention for the Ages ... circular particle accelerator, which he referred to as his " proton merry-go-round," but which became better known as the cyclotron.

A little about carousel history and terms... - Carousel Figures


The Painted Ponies. The Merry-Go-Round. The Roundabout. All names for the carousel, that magic machine full of brightly colored wooden animals, mirrors, ...

The carousel, which means 'little battle' in Spanish, originated in the Byzantine empire around 500 AD, with riders on real animals as a combat preparation device.
Carousel rides with crafted animals date back to the 1600's in the Ottoman Empire, and in the 1860's were popularized in America by Gustav Dentzel.
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Awesome Merry-Go-Round Facts! << Monkey Goggles


Aug 6, 2010 ... Everyone has ridden a merry-go-round, but how many of us really know the history behind this carnival mainstay? Surely this source of ...

IMCA Carousel History Page - International Museum of Carousel Art


These limitations were removed with the invention of the steam engine. ... The IMCA is working to make sure this number does not go down, but actually ...

Who invented merry go round - Answers.com


No one can really say how invented the Merry Go Round or the Carousel. The earliest carousel is known from a Byzantine Empire bas-relief dating to.