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The Mugwumps were Republican political activists who bolted from the United States Republican Party by supporting Democratic candidate Grover Cleveland in ...

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Mugwumps were Republicans who supported Democratic presidential candidate Grover Cleveland in 1884 because they viewed their own party's candidate, ...

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The Mugwumps were a political faction which helped to swing the presidential election of 1884 but faded out and did not become a lasting force.

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Mugwumps were a faction of the Republican Party of the 1880s. They opposed political favoritism and corruption and promoted honest government. Read...

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The issues that most enflamed Americans in those days were left over from two .... But if the Mugwumps were wrong to be offended by the use of the wrong fork, ...

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Nov 13, 2013 ... Who were the Mugwumps? Mark Twain of course. Other once famous Mugwumps included Henry Ward Beecher, a Minister famous as ...

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Both the Democratic and Republican Parties were vast coalitions of .... The Mugwumps were Republican dissenters, who emerged in the election of 1884.

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He was a mugwump about supporting the Iraq war. ... The Mugwumps were almost wiped out in the secret World War 2.5 when every country that hated them  ...

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The first political mugwumps were Republicans in the presidential race of 1884 who chose to support Democratic candidate Grover Cleveland rather than their ...

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Mugwump definition, a Republican who refused to support the party nominee, James G. Blaine, in the presidential campaign of 1884. See more.

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Mugwump, in U.S. politics, member of a reform-oriented faction of the Republican Party that refused to support the candidacy of James G. Blaine for the ...

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As Tucker shows, however, the Mugwumps were much more than mere moral reformers. They were eloquent and persuasive spokesmen for free markets and ...

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Mugwumps were members of the Republican Party who in the 1884 presidential election chose not to support the Republican candidate...