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Protected areas or conservation areas are locations which receive protection because of their .... Recently, the importance of protected areas has been brought to the fore at the threat of human-ind...

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Why are protected areas important? Protected areas provide a wide range social, environmental and economic benefits to people and communities worldwide.

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Feb 3, 2016 ... In the whole debate in India on climate change, the role of protected areas, the only natural tool to mitigate its effects and help us adapt to it, has ...

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Protected Areas in Today's World: Their Values and Benefits for the Welfare of the Planet .... Protected areas are important tools for the conservation of biological.

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Nov 25, 2014 ... It's tempting to think that once we declare a protected area protected, all the species, ecosystem services, and ecosystem functioning within the ...

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These agreements are still highly regarded today and form the basis of the legal structures that protect some of the most important areas of biodiversity.

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National parks protect the best of our natural heritage: stunning landscapes, extraordinary wildlife and majestic forests. Together with other protected areas they ...

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We work with local partners in states where wilderness protections are needed to convince lawmakers to protect areas in their states. At the same time, we work ...

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Gov Home > SD > Protected Areas Initiative >. Home · Protected Areas Network · What is a Protected Area? Why are Protected Areas Important? Establishing ...

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Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas. 6. Kit Fox in Tikal National Park, Guatemala. The conservation of the important cultural site of the Mayan City of Tikal ...

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Protected areas are critical for the conservation of residual tropical forest ... We evaluated the importance of protected areas (national parks [NP], nature reserves .

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Ecol Appl. 2007 Sep;17(6):1727-41. The importance of protected areas for the forest and endemic avifauna of Sulawesi (Indonesia). Lee TM(1), Sodhi NS, ...

The role of forest protected areas in adaptation to climate change


Protected areas are even more important for biodiversity conservation and human livelihoods in a world with a changing climate. The relationship between ...