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... from Van Diemen's Land (present-day Tasmania), which collectively became known as the St Kilda Road robberies. Bushrangers originally referred to escaped convicts in the early years of the B...

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People became bushrangers for a number of reasons: Greed.They had already had a run-in with the law, so they felt they had nothing more to.



Bushranging began in Tasmania in the early years of settlement, when near ... Some settlers who fought bushrangers became popular heroes, like George ... Bushranging virtually ceased in 1859, though in 1883 two youths terrorised people in Epping Forest by shooting ... They did not rob to amass wealth, but to survive.

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Why did men become bushrangers? What type of crimes did they ... Were there people in the community who thought him a hero? What do you consider to be ...

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Ned Kelly is the most famous of all Australian bushrangers. he was born in the ... a bull, and soon became a target of the police who took out their frustrations on his female relatives. ... He left a letter with one of the clerks to be published outlining his reasons and ... Some 4,000 Melbourne people attended the hanging .

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Nov 2, 2010 ... Many believe this is the real reason why Ben decided to become a bushranger. He stole a ... All the people in the hotel joined in. The drivers of ...

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As a result, many prisoners became 'bolters', preferring to take their chance in the bush rather than live a convict life. These men became the first bushrangers, ...

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Sep 1, 2011 ... A TIMELINE of events in the life of famous Australian bushranger Ned Kelly. ... the horse from Isaiah "Wild" Wright and did not know it was stolen. ... since held 70 people hostage at the Glenrowan Inn, became aware a train ...

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On 15 June 1862, Frank Gardiner's gang of bushrangers held up the gold escort ... Frank Gardiner, the Scottish bushranger, became Australia's most wanted man.

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The murderous Clarke brothers of the Clarke and Connell gang were considered to be worse than any other bushrangers of the times and became known as ...

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Jun 1, 2015 ... The bush surrounding the settlement was unexplored, but this did ... joined up with Indigenous people and others took to bushranging. .... This song became Australia's first unofficial anthem and the anthem of the 19th century.

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Feb 18, 2015 ... 1. Why did people become bushrangers? 2. How long did the bushranging period last? 3. Who were bushrangers compared to? What does this ...

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Apr 14, 2015 ... Hyde Park Barracks became a place of hardship and constraint, the first time .... these early bushrangers with the Aboriginal people of Van Diemen's Land .... If the bushrangers did not turn themselves in by an advertised date, ...