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The early timeline of Nazism begins with its origins and continues until Hitler's rise to power. ..... 30 November: The secret state police organization known as the Gestapo which had only previ...

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Himmler and Heydrich centralize the regional German political police departments within the Secret State Police (Geheime Staatspolizei-Gestapo). December ...

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Complete World War II in Europe timeline with photos and text. Over 100 links! ... February 10 - The German Gestapo is placed above the law. March 7 - German ...

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At The History Place - From the World War Two Timeline. ... From Heinrich Müller to all Gestapo offices - transmitted at 11:55 p.m., November 9, 1938: 1) Actions ...

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Feb 19, 2002 ... This timeline is limited to events associated with the steady erosion of ... 3/22: Berlin: The Gestapo searches Albert Einstein's apartment.

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Jan 12, 2006 ... In September the seminary at Finkenwalde is closed by the Gestapo. By November, 27 pastors and former Finkenwalde students are arrested.

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Nazi Germany Timeline. Second World War ... Chronology of Nazi Germany ... Herman Goering forms the Gestapo from the former Prussian police. 26th April ...

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Click on the dates above to explore the Holocaust timeline. .... of the department for Jewish affairs of the Reich Security Main Office (Gestapo), Section IV B 4.

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Home · About us · Timeline · Using this site safely ... The SS and the Gestapo were the instruments that Hitler usedFrom its establishment in ... The Gestapo, or secret state police played a key role in the terror and control of German citizens.

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Jan 15 Gestapo leader Reinhard Heydrich sets up the Reich Bureau for Jewish Emigration to speed up the expulsion of Jews. Jan 30 Hitler, speaking at the ...

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April 26, 1933 - The Gestapo is born, created by Hermann Göring in the German state of .... See also: The History Place - World War II in Europe Timeline.

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A Timeline of the Holocaust (1939-1945) ... university, and state positions; April 26: The Gestapo ("Geheime Stat Polizei" - Secret State Police) is established by ...



clock (4) Timeline clock ... July: The National Marriage Law is passed; the Gestapo begins directly pressuring intermarried couples to divorce through required ...