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The following timeline covers European exploration from 1418 to 1957. The 15th century witnessed the rounding of the feared Cape Bojador and Portuguese ...


Timeline Description: The Age of Exploration, which lasted roughly between 1450 and 1600, is a term given to the period of European exploration in Africa, Asia, ...


This is a time line for the Age of Exploration of America.


Age of Exploration printable timeline of important dates from Henry the Navigator to Henry Hudson. Place on your timeline in your notebook or on your wall.


In this lesson, we will examine what is commonly called the Age of Discovery. We learn what it was and when it was, and we will look at some of the...


Age of Exploration Timeline made with Timetoast's free interactive timeline making software.


Kids learn about the Age of Exploration and Discovery of the European ... Overview Timeline · How did the Renaissance start? Medici Family · Italian City- states


Students should read textbook materials on the Great Age of Discovery. Students should also be given the vocabu- lary list (Blackline Master #3) and timeline ...


In addition to the discovery and colonization of far off lands, these years were filled with pronounced advancements in cartography and navigational instruments, ...