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In organic chemistry, amines (US: /əˈmiːnz/ or /ˈæminz/, UK: /əˈmiːnz/, /ˈæ mɪnz/ or /ˈeɪminz/) are compounds and functional groups tha...

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Background on the amines, including their physical properties.



amine nomenclature, basicity and acidity of amines, reagent bases, reactions of amines.

Definition: Organic bases derived from the parent compound, ammonia (NH ). Similarly, aromatic bases are formed when the hydrogens are substituted with aryl groups. Primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary amines are formed as one, two, three or four of the hydroge... More »

Amine Reactivity


This happens with 3º-amines, and the salts are usually soluble in water. The reactions of nitrous acid with 1°- and 2°- aliphatic amines may be explained by ...

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Naturally occurring amines include the alkaloids, which are present in certain plants; the catecholamine neurotransmitters (i.e., dopamine, epinephrine, and ...

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Amines are organic compounds which contain and are often actually based on one or more atoms of nitrogen. Structurally amines resemble ammonia in that the  ...

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nomenclature and reactions of amines. ... In this tutorial, Sal shows how to name amines. Amine naming introduction (Video) · Amine naming 2 (Video) ...



Amines. Amines are derivatives of ammonia in which one or more hydrogen atoms are replaced by alkyl groups. We indicate the degree of substitution by ...

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