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African American Vernacular English (AAVE)—also called African American English (AAE); ... AAVE has also contributed slang expressions such as cool and hip. Misconceptions about AAVE are, and ...

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Ghetto term for money makers in the hood, be it by legal or illegal activities. .... Originally a slang used by the Mob for a crew of men who work to rob, steel and ...

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Aug 20, 2015 ... From “the bomb” to “holla” to the very short-lived “YOLO,” black slang words often go through the cycle of being used by black people, ...

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[Etym., African American]. Agarro, se la agarro (say la ah-GAR-o) v., to hit, punch, fight someone. “She was mad y se la agarro.” [Etym., Chicano/Spanish].

10 Slang Phrases Used by Black Twitter That Have Been Culturally ...


Jan 29, 2015 ... In usual Black Twitter fashion, the online community launched a hilarious hashtag of its own to encourage Time to leave their slang terms alone ...

29 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning When You're Black


Jul 16, 2014 ... What it usually means: A slang term used for a marijuana cigarette. What it means when you're black: A method of wrapping the hair to ...

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snap! i'm not up on my ghetto slang-- i best hit up urbandictionary yo. 'drop it like it's hot? what does that mean?!' ahh dog, you know... it's just like, ghetto slang.

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Terminology used by black folks to express their feelings.

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Black slang is always a facet of Black culture but oftentimes when it gets in the mainstream, the meanings get lost.

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Jan 17, 2016 ... MTV's list of hot slang for this year is strangely familiar, almost like they dipped into the annals of Black Twitter and cherry-picked a few terms to ...