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Color Field painting is a style of abstract painting that emerged in New York City during the 1940s and 1950s. It was inspired by European modernism and ...

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Artworks and artists: Color field painting is was pioneered in the search for a style of abstraction that might provide a modern, mythic art, and express a yearning ...

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Famous art and artists in Color Field Painting with analysis of achievements and overall contributions to the movement.

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The term colour field painting is applied to the work of abstract painters working in the 1950s and 1960s characterised by large areas of a more or less flat single  ...

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The term stems from Clement Greenberg's 1955 description of the paintings being ... color-field painting represents one-half of Abstract Expressionism, with the ...

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Mar 4, 2008 ... Starting in the 1950s, a group of artists found new ways to create colorful, abstract works known as "color field" painting. They rarely used paint ...

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Colour Field Painting (1948-68): Style of Abstract Expressionism Developed by Clyfford Still, Barnett Newman, Mark Rothko.

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Learn more about color-field painting in the Boundless open textbook. Color-field painting can be recognized by its large fields of solid color spread across or ...

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Color Field Painting is a branch of Abstract Expressionism that concentrates on colorful shapes and expanses of color which emphasize the literal flatness of the  ...

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Pioneered by Mark Rothko, Barnet Newman and Clyfford Still in the late 1940's, color field painting became a significant movement in the decades that followed,  ...