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The cotton mouse (Peromyscus gossypinus) is a species of rodent in the family Cricetidae. It is found in the woodlands of the Southeastern United States.

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A medium-sized rodent with large ears and eyes, the Cotton Deermouse is dark ... The Cotton Deermouse is truly the all-purpose mouse: ridged feet help to ...

Cotton Mouse (Peromyscus gossypinus)


Cotton Mouse Order Rodentia : Family Muridae : Peromyscus gossypinus (Le Conte). Description. A medium-sized, heavy bodied, white-footed mouse; tail much ...

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Learn more about the Cotton deermouse - with amazing Cotton deermouse photos ... Also known as: Chadwick Beach cotton mouse, cotton mouse, Key Largo ...

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Entry page to Discover Life's Encyclopedia about the Biology, Natural History, Ecology, Identification and Maps of Cotton Mouse -- Peromyscus gossypinus.

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Largo cotton mouse and Key Largo woodrat. Daniel U. Greene and Jeffery A. Gore. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Fish and Wildlife ...

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Cotton Mouse: 1. A cylindrical absorbant piece of cotton with a string for removal used during the female menstrual period to absorb blood, uteran ...

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Endangered Status The Key Largo Cotton Mouse, a subspecies of the Cotton Mouse, is on the U.S. Endangered Species List. It is classified as endangered in  ...

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The cotton mouse (Peromyscus gossypinus) is a species of rodents in the family Cricetidae. It is found in the woodlands of the Southeastern United States.

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Explains everything about cotton mouse, member of the Rodentia order and the Muridae family.

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Generally, these mice reside on the forest floor, using hollowed logs, vines, and brushes as shelter. One study concluded that the primary habitiat of cotton mice ...

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Range Description: Cotton mice are found in the southeastern United States, from southeastern Virginia (Handley 1991) and Great Dismal and Chowan swamps ...

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A small mouse, the Key Largo cotton mouse is brown on top with white underparts. It has large ears, proturberant eyes, and a furry tail. This mouse is a noctural ...