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Waste heat is by necessity produced both by machines that do work and in other processes that use energy, for example in a refrigerator warming the room air or ... More »

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Define waste heat: heat rejected or escaping from furnaces of various types (as coke ovens, cement kilns, or steel furnaces) after it has served its…

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Waste Heat Definition - Waste heat is heat that is generated due to fuel combustion or chemical reaction. It is normally released into the environment...

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Waste heat recouping methods range from the simple to the complex. A common simple example is household water drain heat recovery. In this method, the ...

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(General Engineering) the use of heat that is produced in a thermodynamic cycle, as in a furnace, combustion engine, etc, in another process, such as heating ...

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A heat-retrieval unit using hot by-product gas or oil from chemical processes; used to produce steam in a boiler-type system. Also known as gas-tube boiler.

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Waste heat recovery definition at Dictionary.com, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now!

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Waste heat recovery means recovering heat discharged as a byproduct of one process to provide heat needed by a second process. It is the process of ...

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A waste heat boiler is a system that captures excess thermal energy from a combustion plant and uses it to convert water into steam to produce electricity.

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Feb 3, 2013 ... Waste Heat, part VI: A “physicist's definition” of intelligence. In the previous segment, I discussed parameterizing alien civilizations by their ...