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Dense irregular connective tissue has fibers that are not arranged in parallel bundles as in dense regular connective tissue.

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Dense irregular connective tissue (DICT) consists of a somewhat dense arrangement of thick collagen type I fibers embedded, along with a smattering of  ...

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Basic Histology -- Dense Irregular Connective Tissue Next Home Back. Sometimes connective tissue is very rich in collagen. In a tendon, the collagen fibers are ...

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Classification. CONNECTIVE TISSUE PROPER (examples of these are shown below). loose irregular connective tissue; dense irregular connective tissue.

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Example: The dermis of the skin is dense irregular connective tissue. Dense irregular connective tissue contains collagen fibers that run in various directions.

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Dense irregular connective tissue (dict) is found in several places in the body. This image is from palmar skin (skin from the palm of the hand), and the dense ...

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In many ways, dense irregular connective tissue is identical to areolar connective tissue, except that there are fewer spaces occupied by ground substance in the ...

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Dense Irregular Connective Tissue. This image of the dermis shows irregularly oriented dense connective tissue. Some appear in cross section, and other ...



Home to connective tissues! Dense Irregular Connective Tissue. Dense Irregular Connective Tissue. Think of all the locales in your body where tissues are ...

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Human Anatomy - Connective Tissue Proper - Dense Connective Tissue ... dense irregular connective tissue - structure, structure - predominantly collagen fibers ...