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Abydos boats


The Abydos boats were discovered in October 2000. Initially, they appeared to be a white, 'ghostly' fleet of 14 boat images in the desert sand. They are not the oldest boat remains to be dis...

Ancient Egypt: Ships and Boats


Egypt abounds with pictures and models of boats and ships. The walls of temples and tombs at Deir el Bahri and Medinet Habu are covered with them, but very ...

Ancient Egyptian Nile Boats


Boats and ships were very important means of transport on the River Nile. Egyptians traveled within the country and to the Sudan and to other African countries ...

Egyptian Ships - Ages of Exploration


Some of the earliest boats ever recorded belonged to the Egyptians. Paintings depicting ships appear on ancient Egyptian vases and murals around the year ...

Egyptian civilization - Daily life - Transportation


The Nile River was the highway that joined the country together. Up until the nineteenth century, travel by land was virtually unknown. Ships and boats were the ...

The Barge in Ancient Egypt - Crystalinks


In ancient Egypt, the funerary boat transported a mummy to its final resting place or, if buried with the deceased, took soul of the dead on its eternal journey.

Egyptian Papyrus Boat - Sailing vessels, sailers


Egyptian ship made of papyrus is one of the ancient in the world. Firstly it represented itself only a papyrus raft and to about 3500 year B.C. it became already a ...

Egyptian Ships and Boats


Category: Technology, Content: The slow flowing Nile was ideal for transportation and from earliest times Egyptians built boats for transportation.

Egypt: Barques, Barges, and Byblos Boats - Tour Egypt


Barques, Barges, and Byblos Boats. by Anita Stratos. Barques, Barges, and Byblos Boats. The ancient Egyptians once again reached out of the past to awe the ...

Egypt: Ships and Boats in Egypt, A Feature Tour Egypt Story


Feb 18, 2014 ... Egypt was fairly treeless and it would be difficult to find other means of building boats. The Egyptians did find enough wood to make planked ...

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Ancient Egyptian History for Kids: Boats and Transportation


Kids learn about the boats and transportation of Ancient Egypt. The Nile River was an important way to travel using ships and rafts.

Ancient Egyptian Boats - KingTutShop


These Egyptian boats were made of either native woods or conifers from Lebanon. Papyrus boats were useful for hunting or crossing short stretches of water, ...

Ancient Egyptian Boats | Egyptian Boat Facts | DK Find Out


Learn interesting information about Ancient Egyptian boats. Find out more about Egyptian boats on the Nile and improve your knowledge with DK Find Out for ...