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False color


False color (or false colour) refers to a group of color rendering methods used to display images in color which were recorded in the visible or non-visible parts of  ...

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Answer: The term "false color" is used to describe what astronomers (and others) often do to images to make them more comprehensible. Long ago, when radio ...

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False color definition, photography using infrared-sensitive film that produces images in which heat-emitting areas or objects appear red. See more.

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Define false color: color in an image (as a photograph) of an object that does not actually appear in the object but is used to enhance, contrast, or …

False Color Rendering - Lighting Application - Qualitative ...


FALSE COLOR RENDERING. False color or psedo-solor renderings and gray scale renderings help in evaluating rendered spaces. These renderings given a ...

The Difference Between True Color, False Color ... - Mars Art Gallery


The Difference Between True Color, False Color and Pseudo Color. As you look around this web site you will see numerous color images of Mars. However ...

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False-color synonyms, False-color pronunciation, False-color translation, English dictionary definition of False-color. false color top: true-color satellite image of ...

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False color mapping is the basic two-dimensional data visualization method. The color gradient (also called palette) to use can be selected after clicking on the ...

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I.e. this kind of color definition, also called "color index", always refers to the two used ... Literally these methods are false color images, nevertheless this term is ...

True or False (Color): The Art of Extraterrestrial Photography ...


Mar 21, 2016 ... Additionally, by definition, any infrared or ultraviolet image would need to be represented with “false color” since those wavelengths are ...

false color
photography using infrared-sensitive film that produces images in which heat-emitting areas or objects appear red.
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false color | Define false color at Dictionary.com
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