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Fight For Japan: Genki Desu Ka Omisoka 2011, also known as Fight for Japan. How are you! New Year! 2011 was a mixed martial arts, puroresu and kickboxing  ...

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If the person is a close friend, you can just ask, "GENKI?" A: Genki? B: Un.* Genki . * Un = Yes. ... O-genki desu ka?" = Hello. How are you? "Genki desu.

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Aug 24, 2011 ... On this episode of Miss Hannah Minx's JPOW (Japanese Phrase of the Week) our phrase is "Genki desu ka?" Featuring Miu Miu doggie!

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お元気ですか? (o genki desu ka). Reply to 'How are you?' はい、元気です。あなた は? (hai, genki desu. anata wa?) お蔭様で元気です (o kagesama de genki desu).

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Watashi no namae wa Kaori desu. My name is Kaorii. わたしのなまえは かおりです 。 O-genki desu ka. How are you? おげんきですか。 Genki desu. I'm fine.

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May 14, 2016 ... I think it's probably better to say, “I am doing well” or “I am healthy” or even “I am ... Its the answer for “Genki desu ka?” or “O Genki ?” meaning “How are you ?”. So “genki desu” roughly means “fine” and should be preceded ...

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Are you well? Ogenki desuka? ... "o" in front of genki is a prefix which makes the word more polite. Genki desu. ... (in the listener's hand), Sore wa nan desuka?

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Jan 9, 2015 ... More casually, you can just ask 元気 or Genki? 最近どうですか。 Saikin dou desu ka? Meaning, how are you recently? Or, how are recent things ...

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"O genki desu ka?" = How are you? "Genki?" = What's up? "Genki desu." = I'm well. "I'i desu ne!" = I'm well. "Ma'a, ma'a desu." = So, so. "Tsukarete masu.

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