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Cyprus Background
A Former British Colony, Cyprus Became Independent In 1960 Following Years Of Resistance To British Rule Tensions Between The Greek Cypriot Majority And Turkish Cypriot Minority Came To A Head In December 1963, When Violence Broke Out In The
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Human habitation of Cyprus dates back to the Paleolithic era. Cyprus's geographic position has caused Cyprus to be influenced by differing Eastern ...

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History of Cyprus, experience the modern and ancient historic past events, people and governments of Cyprus - Lonely Planet.

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The History of Cyprus in 90 Centuries. As a fertile island, Cyprus is unsurpassed, for it produces good wine, good oil and also enough corn for its own use.

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According to archaeological evidence, the civilisation of Cyprus goes back 11.000 years to the 9th millennium B.C. (early Neolithic Period or Stone Age).

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Cyprus is a large island located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, east of Greece, south of Asia Minor, west of the Levant, and north of Egypt. The...



Remains of the oldest known settlement in Cyprus dating from this period can be seen in Khirokitia and Kalavassos (Tenta), off the Nicosia-Limassol road.

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The History of Cyprus page is proving to be very popular, and so we would like to invite all interested people to participate in this section on the varied and ...

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Information on Cyprus — geography, history, politics, government, economy, population statistics, culture, religion, languages, largest cities, as well as a map  ...

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The history of Cyprus in a breif, and then more detailed manner.