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Sorghastrum nutans, commonly known as either Indiangrass or yellow Indiangrass, is a North American prairie grass found in the central and eastern United ...

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Yellow indian grass is a tall, bunching sod-former, 3-8 ft. in height, with broad blue-green blades and a large, plume-like, soft, golden-brown seed head.

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National Plant Data Center <http://npdc.usda.gov>. INDIANGRASS. Sorghastrum nutans L. Plant Symbol = SONU2. Contributed by: USDA NRCS Plant Materials.

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General; Images; Synonyms; Classification; Legal Status; Wetland; Related Links ; Wildlife. Sorghastrum nutans (L.) Nash Show All Show Tabs Indiangrass ...

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Sorghastrum nutans, commonly called Indian grass, is a warm season Missouri native perennial grass which typically occurs in prairies, glades and open woods  ...

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Indian Grass, Sorghastrum nutans, is a tall clumping grass makes a great companion for a wide range of prairie flowers, and a good choice to replace ...

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Description: This perennial grass is 3-7' tall. It typically consists of a dense tuft of flowering culms and their deciduous leaves. The culms are terete, glabrous, ...

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Indiangrass Interesting Notes. Yellow Indian grass is a tall, clump-forming and vigorous growing plant for the meadow garden. The blades are blue-green and ...

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Nash SCS PLANT CODE : SONU2 COMMON NAMES : Indiangrass Indian grass indiangrass indian grass TAXONOMY : The currently accepted scientific name ...

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Oklahoma designated Indiangrass (Sorghastrum nutans) as the official state grass in 1972.