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Russia can be divided into a European and an Asian part. The dividing line is generally considered to be the Ural Mountains and the Caspian Sea.


Notable rivers of Russia in Europe are the Volga, Don, Kama, Oka and the ... In the list below, the rivers are grouped by the seas or oceans into which they flow.


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Notable rivers of Russia in Europe are the Volga, Don, Kama, Oka and the Northern Dvina, while several other rivers originate in Russia but flow into other ...


Russian rivers are so large that their exploration was uneven. ... Here is the list of Russian river names indicating their length – the largest rivers in Russia: ...


Russia is the largest country on Earth, and its land mass is split between Europe and Asia, with the Ural River roughly dividing the territories. The country ...


May 7, 2012 ... See how these Russian rivers compare with some of the World's Largest Rivers, based on average annual discharge (sq. km/yr): 1. Amazon ...


Ob River: River of central Russia. One of the greatest rivers of Asia, the Ob flows north and west across western Siberia in a twisting ... Britannica Lists & Quizzes.


Third in the list in terms of river system length, is the Amur-Argun system. It is the longest in Russia that drains into the Pacific Ocean. The Argun rivers marks the ...