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Disconnected Service - Phone Customer Service | Verizon

www.verizon.com/support/residential/phone/homephone/general support/phone troubleshooting/calling problems/95311.htm

Telephone service can be disconnected if you do not pay your telephone bill. If this occurs ... If you require a deposit to reconnect, contact Verizon for assistance.

Drop Your Cell Plan And Still Use Your Phone - InformationWeek


Nov 27, 2012 ... Additionally, the service needs to connect to a second phone (like a Skype ... You don't even really need a phone -- a tablet, laptop or any Wi-fi ...

Update: About 911 and "disconnected" landlines - Consumer Reports


May 13, 2009 ... Update: About 911 and "disconnected" landlines ... Mr. Jones says many larger carriers provide soft-dial-tone 911 coverage even in states that don't require it. ... Use the fact that a soft-tone line should also reach the phone ...

Cancel AT&T Home Phone Service - Home phone Support


Cancellation of any AT&T service can't be completed online. Call us ... Find more Home phone support on att.com. ... Moving doesn't mean you need to cancel.

Gotten rid of your telephone landline? What about 911 access for ...


She asks the phone service question I've never been able to answer myself, which ... (When/whether kids need cell phones is a whole 'nother topic of ... Even a disconnected cell phone that makes a 911 has to be accepted by the cell carrier.

EarthLink Freestanding DSL Internet - no phone company required.


If you didn't already have two lines you would need to have an extra one installed . ... If I want to disconnect my phone service, should I do that before I order ...

Reconnect Your Local Phone Service - NCDOJ.gov


As soon as you get a disconnect notice, contact your phone company. ... In most cases you can't be denied local phone service for unpaid charges that are more ... You can still access 800-type toll-free numbers and use prepaid calling cards ...

How to Disconnect a Sprint Phone: 7 Steps (with Pictures)


Making sure to disconnect your phone and terminate your service promptly will help ... on your account when you initiated the service, you will need that as well.

Need help - Apps to make it appear your number is disconnected to ...


They have a greeting that sounds just like the "Sorry this number is no longer in service" message from the phone company. Set that as the ...

Wireless Number Portability - Change Your Carrier but Keep Your ...


Taking your cell phone number to another carrier? There are a number of things you need to know to ensure a smooth portability experience. ... Once the process is complete, service to your old phone should be automatically disconnected.

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Move, Change, Disconnect, Suspend, or Cancel Service Your ...


How to Move, Change, Disconnect, Suspend, or Cancel your Verizon ... your Verizon service for any other reason, here are some things you need to know:.

Using Cell Phones in Emergencies: What You Need to Know


Apr 22, 2015 ... Emergencies are tough, but your cell phone can be a great tool during ... You can also reach 911 with a cell phone that is not associated with a provider. ... So, if the call gets disconnected, you need to be the one to call back.

Do You Really Need a Wireless Phone Carrier? - WSJ


Mar 1, 2015 ... Is it possible to never pay for wireless-phone service again? For 30 days, reporter WSJ Ryan Knutson disconnected his iPhone from AT&T and ...