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Nerve cord


Nerve cord may refer to the following structures: in invertebrates, it refers to the ventral nerve cord, whereas; in chordates, it stands for the dorsal nerve cord.

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1 : the pair of closely united ventral longitudinal nerves with their segmental ganglia that is characteristic of many elongate invertebrates (as earthworms).

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Nerve cord definition, a single hollow tract of nervous tissue that constitutes the central nervous system of chordates and develops into the spinal cord and brain  ...

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Dec 29, 2014 ... Nerve cord is a term that can refer to either (1) the single, hollow, ... In the vertebrates, the embryonic dorsal nerve cord develops into a spinal ...

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Main Entry: nerve cord. Function: noun 1 : a pair of closely united nerves that run along the inside of the body on the lower side of many long-bodied ...

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nerve cord. Also found in: Medical, Encyclopedia. Related to nerve cord: notochord. nerve′ cord`. n. 1. the hollow dorsal tract of nervous tissue that constitutes ...

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Oct 1, 2015 ... DORSAL NERVE CORD : The dorsal nerve cord is one of the embryonic features unique to chordates, along with a notochord, a post-anal tail, ...

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Nerve Cord. Also found in: Dictionary, Medical. Related to Nerve Cord: notochord . nerve cord. [′nərv ‚kȯrd]. (invertebrate zoology). Paired, ventral cords of ...

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The ventral nerve cord, connected to the brain by the circumesophageal connectives, is composed of a double row of ganglia connected longitudinally by  ...

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The nervous system of a free-living flatworm such as Planaria (see the diagram) consists of a brain, longitudinal nerve cords, and peripheral nerve plexuses ...

nerve cord
a single hollow tract of nervous tissue that constitutes the central nervous system of chordates and develops into the spinal cord and brain in vertebrates.
a solid double strand of nerve fibers along the length of the body in elongate invertebrates, as earthworms and insects, connecting with a pair of nerve ganglia at each body segment.
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nerve cord | Define nerve cord at Dictionary.com
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