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Alis volat propriis is a Latin phrase used as the motto of U.S. state of Oregon. The official English version of the motto is "She flies with her own wings" in keeping ...

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The Oregon state flag, adopted in 1925, is navy blue with gold lettering and symbols. Blue and gold are the state colors. On the flag's face the legend “STATE OF ...

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"She Flies With Her Own Wings" (Alis Volat Propriis) became the official state motto of Oregon in 1987, replacing "The Union" (adopted in 1957). In 1859, the ...

Oregon State Motto Alis Volat Propriis She Flies With Her Own Wings


The Oregon state motto, Alis Volat Propriis, its history, adoption and meaning.

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Find the meaning of the Oregon State Motto and nickname for kids. History, meaning and origin of the Oregon State Motto and nickname for kids. Significance ...

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The state motto of Oregon is Alis Volat Propiis, which is Latin for “She flies With Her Own Wings.” This motto has an interesting history because it was adopted as  ...

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"She Flies With Her Own Wings" - State Motto. Admission to Statehood: February 14, 1859. Electoral Votes for President: 7. State Nickname: The Beaver State ...

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State Motto - "She Flies With Her Own Wings" and "The Union" State Song ... The reverse of the flag pictures a beaver (Oregon's state animal). The front of thg ...

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Oregon State Motto - The state motto is "She Flies With Her Own Wings". Adopted in 1987, it replaces "The Union", which was the previous state motto adopted ...

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In the last several decades, failed symbols include a state waltz (Oregon Waltz) .... In 1987, the Oregon legislature changed the state motto from “The Union” to ...

The State Motto of Oregon is Alis Volat Propiis (She Flies With Her Own Wings).
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“She Flies With Her Own Wings” was adopted by the 1987 Legislature as the Oregon state motto. The phrase originated with Judge Jessie Quinn Thornton and ...

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Alis Volat Propriis (She Flies With Her Own Wings) became the official state motto of Oregon in 1987, replacing "The Union" (adopted in 1957).

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Read about the turbulent history of the Oregon state motto and find interesting nicknames and funny state slogans.