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In Greek mythology, Palamedes (Ancient Greek: Παλαμήδης) was the son of Nauplius and Clymene. He joined the Greeks in the expedition against Troy.

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"Palamedes found his bitterest enemies in Odysseus and Homer; for the one laid an ambush against him of people by whom he was stoned to death, while the ...

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Palamedes was the son of Nauplius and Clymene in Greek mythology. He was one of the participants of the Trojan War on the side of Greece. After Helen...

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Nov 30, 2007 ... In Greek legend, the son of Nauplius (king of Euboea) and Clymene and a hero of the Trojan War. Palamedes is a prominent figure in ...

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Jun 4, 1997 ... Palamedes, who was the son of the Euboian king Nauplius and queen Clymene and who was also the grandson of Poseidon and Amymone ...

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Palamedes could refer to either a person from Greek mythology, or in Arthurian legend. Palamedes...

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Hereupon they accused Palamedes of treachery; they searched his tent, and as they found the letter which they themselves had dictated, they caused him to be ...



Palamedes is a free toolbox containing Matlab routines for analyzing psychophysical experiments.

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Palamedes. A journal of Ancient History published by University of Warsaw and Lockwood Press is a journal devoted to the ancient history. The editors welcome  ...

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It was he who outsmarted Odysseus when the latter tried to play the fool in order to avoid joining the Trojan War. For this reason, Odysseus hated Palamedes, ...