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Thermal expansion valve - Wikipedia


A thermal expansion valve is a component in refrigeration and air conditioning systems that controls the amount of refrigerant flow into the evaporator thereby controlling the superheat at the outle...

What is a Metering Device | HVAC Refrigeration Heating Cooling


What is a Metering Device Depending on the type of HVAC air conditioning or heat pump system it is and the efficiency range of the system.

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Metering Device Function


Fluid metering device, regardless of type, is designed to provide two important functions in the mechanical refrigeration system. First, it allows the liquid ...

How Metering Devices Work | SMW Refrigeration


The metering device is responsible for feeding the proper amount of refrigerant to the evaporator coil. The refrigerant that enters the metering devices is a high ...

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Capillary Tubing: A refrigerant metering device consisting of a small diameter tube which controls flow by restriction. They are carefully sized by inside diameter  ...

How Thermostatic Expansion Valves (TXV) Work - AC & Heating ...


Jun 24, 2013 ... The thermostatic expansion valve (TXV) is a precision device, which is .... to the TXV as it is a metering device that regulates refrigerant flow to ...

The Professor: Restricted TXV Metering Device


Jan 17, 2011 ... This article explores how a restricted metering device will affect system performance and efficiency. The system is a commercial refrigeration ...

Charging Methods for Metering Devices


Oct 10, 2000 ... Different types of metering devices have different ways of charging. ... Refrigerant saturation temperature is the pressure-temperature when the ...

The Refrigeration Cycle - How an Air Conditioner Works | Mobile Air ...


In addition to refrigerant, an air conditioning system requires a minimum of four components, the compressor, condenser, metering device, and evaporator.

What Is a Refrigerant Metering Device?
Correct refrigerant flow in everything from your refrigerator to your air-conditioner ensures maximum efficiency and equipment life. The refrigerant metering device maintains the proper flow of refrigerant throughout your individual system.... More »
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Refrigeration Basics - Basics Part 2


The liquid refrigerant is then routed to the metering device. This device restricts the flow by forcing the refrigerant to go through a small hole which causes a ...

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The metering device acts like your garden hose nozzle, turning a steady stream of liquid into sprayed droplets. Lowering the pressure of the refrigerant and ...

Air Conditioner Expansion Valve – It's Known As Meter Devices


The meter device is located indoor (air handler) units with the evaporator coils. ... The thermostatic expansion valve (TEV or TXV) is used for refrigerant flow ...