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Traditional rank amongst European royalty, peers, and nobility is rooted in Late Antiquity and ...

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Emperor. Comes from the Latin, "imperator," which was originally a military title. Soldiers would salute the leader of a victorious army as "imperator." Augustus ...

A Glossary of European Noble, Princely, Royal and Imperial Titles


Definition of the various imperial, royal, princely, and noble titles encountered in Europe. A work of lexicography.

Guide to British Royal Titles | POPSUGAR Celebrity


Aug 2, 2013 ... Since British royal titles can be confusing, here's a guide! ... The title of queen is given in two cases: a queen who rules by her birthright is called ...

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Royal Highness (abbreviation HRH) is a style used to address or refer to some members of ... The vast majority of African royalty that make use of titles such as prince, chief and sheikh, eschew the...

What titles will Harry's wife and children have? – Royal History Geeks


Feb 8, 2016 ... If then he is created (let's say) 'Duke of Sussex' (the title he is rumoured to desire) than it's good news for his wife. She would then be styled Her ...

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Comprehensive list of synonyms for royal titles, by Macmillan Dictionary and Thesaurus.

members of royal families and the nobility - synonyms and related ...


Members of royal families and the nobility - synonyms or related words ... of society, who usually have money, land, and power and who often have special titles, ...

Gender-neutral royal titles? - Mythic Scribes


(This is also lampshaded in-story by the MC, who notices that people's mouth movements don't match up with the words she hears them speak, ...

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A: By the nonexistent power vested in me as Founder of Wikipedia, I hereby dub thee His Royal ... First, no real royal titles are available for sale, period. Ther... Read More »
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Q: What is the difference between a duke, an earl, a lord, a marquis...
A: As the comment by Quora User notes, these are titles of nobility that rank differently in seniority. The following table sets out the tables of precedence for ... Read More »
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A: Mar 1, 2010 ... (sorry if this is confusing) Queen Bohemian Rhapsody http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=irp8CNj9qBI Thank You, AJ. Read More »
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Q: What noble title do the Queen's cousins have? - Quora
A: British heritable titles usually only last for one generation, except for the heir; the other children only get a courtesy style or title which is not inherite... Read More »
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A: Apr 29, 2011 ... i am not too sure how to word this question lol... but the 'titles' of royalty change after they get married. can someone please expla... Read More »
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