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The Sioux /ˈsuː/ also known as Dakota, are groups of Native American tribes and First Nations peoples in North America. The term can refer to any ethnic ... More »


Check out this site for interesting facts about the Sioux tribe. Food, clothing, homes, weapons, chiefs and culture of the Sioux. Interesting facts about the Sioux ...


The Sioux Indians actually came to North America from the continent of Asia. The name Sioux actually means “little snake”, which was given to the tribe by the ...


About 800 AD, ancestors of the Sioux people probably lived in the south-eastern part of North America, around where South Carolina is now. Like the ...


Watch the The Last of the Sioux video clip of HISTORY's series America the Story of Us'. Find this and many more videos only on HISTORY.


Sioux: a broad alliance of North American Indian peoples who spoke three ... 38 Santee were ultimately hanged in the largest mass execution in U.S. history.


Facts and Information about the Great Plains Indian Tribe known as the Sioux. Including one of the most famous Native American chiefs of all time; Sitting Bull.


Lakota and Dakota Sioux Fact Sheet. Native American Facts For Kids was written for young people learning about the Sioux Indian tribe for school or ...


Cheyenne River Sioux History. Welcome to the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation! The name Sioux is part of the Ojibway/Chippewa/Anishinabe word ...


One of the earliest inhabitants of the plains and hills of South Dakota were the members of the Sioux Nation. Eventually, the Nation split into three main divisions ...