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List of tanks of the Soviet Union


This List of tanks of the Soviet Union lists tanks produced by the Soviet Union. ... 4.1 Amphibious light tanks; 4.2 Medium and Main Battle Tanks; 4.3 Heavy tanks ...

WW2 Soviet Tanks - Military Factory


Nov 19, 2015 ... There are a total of (38) World War 2 Soviet Tanks in the Military Factory. Entries are listed below in alphanumeric order. Flag images indicative ...

ww2 soviet tanks and armoured cars (1928-1945)


“Russky Reno”, the first Soviet tank. In 1939, the USSR had the biggest armored force in the world, numerically superior to all western powers combined, while ...

USSR - Global wiki. Wargaming.net


Oct 23, 2015 ... Armored fighting vehicles designed by or imported into the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. USSR tanks will often fall into a role-set that ...

Soviet Tank Tree | Art | World of Tanks


Soviet Tank Tree ... Fan Art (8) · Calendars (37) · A.S.A.P. (17) · Explaining Mechanics (1) · Tank Intel (24) · News From the Front (9) · Menu Screen Wallpaper (4) ...

WW2: Soviet Union T34 Medium Tank - YouTube


Mar 29, 2014 ... 1 well placed Tiger or panther tank can hold off a whole battalion of Russian T- 34's(Ask Any German war vet). T34 tank works good though ...

Russian tanks and armor


In 1998 the Russian Post Department commemorated the birth of engineer Michael Koshkin. He died already in 1940 and was constructor of the best main tank ...

How did German tanks compare to Russian tanks during WWII ...


Iosif Stalin Tank – Also known as the IS tank, this WWII heavy tank was named after Joseph Stalin, leader of the Soviet Union. Designed with thick armor in o...

The T-14 Is a New Russian Tank —And a Whole Lot More — War Is ...


In March, a Russian motorist filmed a very unusual, camouflaged tank rolling down a street outside Moscow. Most likely, it was the mysterious T-14 — or Armata ...

The Soviet T-34: The Lethal Tank that Won World War II? | The ...


Sep 20, 2015 ... On June 22, 1941, Nazi German launched Operation Barbarossa, a massive attack on the Soviet Union that was the largest invasion in history.

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Q: How Soviet tanks crushed dreams of British communists
A: In the final part of our series to mark the Budapest uprising, we look at how growing disquiet over the bloodshed split the left. Read More »
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Q: What soviet tanks were used in the battle of Stalingrad?
A: T-34's for sure. I've also heard the KV-1 mentioned in history books - they came as quite a surprise. There were also many assault guns (WoT players know them a... Read More »
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Q: T-10 Soviet Tank Specifications.
A: The T-10 heavy-tank had a length of 32.41 feet, a width of 11.71 feet, a height of 7.38 feet and a weight of 57.3 short tons. The tank's armament suite containe... Read More »
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Q: American Sherman tank- how was this tank influenced by the design...
A: Very little. The sherman would never get within 2000+ yards to a Tiger in open terrain and the shermans rounds just bounced off of the tiger/panther. even the 7... Read More »
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Q: What did the US do when Soviet tanks invaded Hungary?
A: The US Secretary of State tried convincing the UNSC to have a meeting. However, they failed to pass a resolution; the fact that the US was involved in the Suez ... Read More »
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