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Different Types of Spectroscopes
Spectroscopes are used in both science and industry to form and examine the spectra or light waves given off by a substance to find its chemical makeup. Since it came into existence in the mid-1700s, scientists have used the spectroscope to determine the... More »
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An optical spectrometer (spectrophotometer, spectrograph or spectroscope) is an instrument used to measure properties of light over a specific portion of the ...


A spectroscope helps us find out what stars are made of. It disperses, or separates, white light from a star into a very wide spectrum of colors — much wider than ...


Did you know we could learn about the composition of the sun, or even the stars, by using a spectroscope? This lesson will teach you about this...


Spectroscope definition, an optical device for producing and observing a spectrum of light or radiation from any source, consisting essentially of a slit through ...


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Turn an old CD into a spectroscope to analyze light—you may be surprised by what you see. Try pointing your CD spectroscope at the fluorescent light in your ...


Nov 26, 2013 ... Spectroscopes are used to split light into different wavelengths to determine the chemical composition of objects such as stars and elements.


Half of the poster is cut out, folded, and taped to build the spectroscope. Instructions for constructing the spectroscope are on the flip side of the poster.


This inexpensive, hand-held, diffraction grating spectroscope will measure wavelengths of light from 400-700 nanometers (nm) with an accuracy of ±5 nm.